Invitation to 2016 Student Camp

Dear Students of ACUCA Member Institutions,

We are pleased to invite students of ACUCA member institutions to the 2016 ACUCA Student Camp to be held on the 22nd to 26th of August 20l6 at Parahyangan Catholic University, Bandung, Indonesia. The theme for the student camp is "Local Spiritualities and Everydayness: Promoting Religious Conversation in Christian Higher Education". lt is outlined to offer the students an opportunity to reflect on and to develop their sensitivity to the local spiritualities and everydayness in their socio-cultural contexts. Students will come together to share and to experience the richness of conversations concerning religiosity of the different parts of Asia from the viewpoint of Christianity, as well as to be involved in various activities including exposures, visits, prayer services, and presentations.

Participants are required to complete some pre-camp assignments so that they can reflect in depth issues related to the theme. Students of the same country need to coordinate in preparing (l) a program for the "Cultural Night" and (2) a Country Presentation. The dynamic of the camp will be published in a "Camp Stories", so the participants may remember its spirit and the other students in each respective country may be inspired. In order to ensure conformity to the theme and the fruitfulness of this event, the participants need to obtain recommendation from the chaplaincy of the respective institution. Students should register through the respective international office of their institution. Registration form can be downloaded here. Any other information can be obtained by contacting

We look forward to welcoming you in this great opportunity in Bandung, in August 2016!

Site Visit/ Community Service: Gunung Padang Megalithic Site, Desa Rawabogo, Kecamatan Ciwidey, Kabupaten Bandung, West Java-Indonesia.

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