Executive Committee approves Micro Degree / Certificate Program 

Published On: June 20, 2022|Categories: Secretariat News|

The Executive Committee (ExCo) overwhelmingly approved Prof. Kim Kitai, the current Secretary-General’s proposal for a Micro Degree/Certificate Program (MDP). This came after a series of discussions and deliberations among members of an Ad Hoc Committee. 

“The goal is to build an online platform where ACUCA member institutions can provide courses to all ACUCA students, leading to the completion of a micro degree in a specific area, skill, or concentration,” Prof. Kim said. Students from ACUCA member institutions can take courses that are not offered at their home institutions. There are no costs to pay, and students can earn credits toward graduation requirements if their respective universities approve the authorization and transfer of credits. Most importantly, they will be able to study and engage with students and lecturers from other countries and cultures, according to the Secretary-General.

The members of the committee agreed that the MDP with Certificate Programs will serve as a “springboard” for future Micro Degree Programs. Hannam University (Korea) and Chung Yuan Christian University (Taiwan) have agreed to offer Korean and Mandarin language courses, respectively as pilot courses. These will be offered in the summer of 2022, and that will lay the groundwork and infrastructure for the MDP to run smoothly in subsequent semesters. A permanent part-time Program Administrator will oversee the newly approved program’s day-to-day operations.

The Ad Hoc Committee is composed of Prof. Kitai Kim, Prof. Shigeyuki Atarashi  (Doshisha University, Japan), Prof. Katsunobu Kihara (Doshisha University, Japan), Rev. Hung Tse (Hong Kong Baptist University, Hong Kong), Prof. Tan-Chin Wei (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan), Prof. Po-Tsang Huang (Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan), Dr. Christianna Singh (Lady Doak College, India), Dr. Priscilla A. S (Lady Doak College, India), Ms. Hannah Sophia Samuel (Lady Doak College, India), Dr. Yohanes Edo Adi Prasetyanto (Atma Jaya Catholic University, Indonesia), Mr. Adre Zaif Rachman (Atma Jaya Catholic University, Indonesia), Dr. Porntip Kawinsuporn (Christian University of Thailand, Thailand), Ms. Rungkaew Phumpho (Christian University of Thailand, Thailand), Dr. John Mark Bondoc (Wesleyan University, Philippines), and Prof. Glenn Lubuguin (Wesleyan University, Philippines). 

The Executive Committee commended the effort of the Ad Hoc Committee. Initiatives like the MDP, according to the ExCo, embody the current social and intellectual context not only in Asia but around the world. Students and academic institutions continue to face economic difficulties as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing a tuition-free online platform for students using the combined resources of all ACUCA member institutions is one way to adapt to our society’s changing needs. This exemplifies ACUCA’s true spirit.


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