Lady Doak College organizes an International Faculty Development Programme

Published On: December 4, 2020|Categories: News|

With the world gearing towards the “new normal” and all facets of life experimenting with the shift to a virtual space, Lady Doak College, unfazed by the challenges of remote learning, is taking measures to make the digital classroom experience fruitful. As a part of this venture, Lady Doak College organised an International Faculty Development Programme titled “Strategic Approach to Online Teaching”. This collaborative initiative by Lady Doak College and Payap University, both members of ACUCA, was held from 13th to 17th July 2020. Dr. Robert Batzinger from Payap University and Dr. Sivapriya from Lady Doak College oriented teachers on various online teaching styles, the nuances of recording a lecture, usage of stories and presentations to promote effective interaction with students, assembling audio, video, and slides to tailor-make educational resources, understanding how to interface with online services and working with LMS to track student engagement. The training was all-inclusive with hands-on training on free software like TinyTake, OBS Studio, Active Presenter, Audacity, Mentimeter, Animaker, and Open Shot that accentuate effective online teaching and learning. Break-out sessions enabled the participants to deliberate on pressing issues and possible solutions in virtual teaching and learning. Thus a team of trainers was built and these representatives from each department trained the teachers from their departments in turn and now the entire college community is facing this educational shift with ease amidst challenges. Teachers from other colleges also participated in this training program. “A little help can go a long way and impact the lives of many! This training has ignited our little candles. Let us carry our candles and let our light shine despite the hurdles for when we are together, our light overcomes the darkness,” Assist. Professor Nissi Karunya said.


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