The ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme was established in 2002, which aims to foster a better understanding of Asian Communities and culture among the students of the member institutions.

One of the objectives of the Association is to promote and facilitate in the exchange of students. Institutions that have courses taught in English during the regular semesters agreed to waive tuition and other fees from the host institution. Financial assistance from the Association comes in the form of an airfare and living allowance subsidy.

Each member institution is entitled to have a maximum of two (2) slots under the scheme in each semester.

Participating Institution

All member institutions are presumed to be a participant of the SMS. For newly accepted members of the Association, they are expected to signify their intent to join in the program by completing the REPLY PROFORMA and GENERAL MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING. These documents shall be sent to the Secretariat.

There are a few members at present opted not to participate in the program anymore, i.e., whether they stop sending outbound or receiving inbound students. In this case, termination of the agreement requires written notification of at least one year prior to the date of termination, and students already admitted to and participating in the exchange program shall be allowed to complete the program.

You may check out the full SMS Guidelines here.

Download the SMS Nomination Form here.
Download the SMS Subsidy Request Form here.
Download the SMS Memorandum of Understanding here.
Download the SMS Reply Proforma here.