Hannam University 66th anniversary celebration and mid- to long-term vision declaration ceremony

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Hannam University (President Lee Kwang-seop) held a vision declaration ceremony to establish a mid- to long-term development plan for ‘H-BRIDGE Hannam’ and to declare ‘a university with the highest educational satisfaction’ in celebration of its 66th anniversary.

Hannam University held an event to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the opening of the school at 9 am on the 13th at the Seonggyun Mission Center, and held a thanksgiving service, a commemorative ceremony, a vision declaration ceremony, and a commemorative planting.

The first part was held as a thanksgiving service for the 66th anniversary of the opening of the school, with a sermon by Shin Jeong-ho, president of Daejeon Christian Academy, Hannam University, under the title, ‘According to God’s heart’.
In the second part commemoration ceremony that followed, President Lee Kwang-seop presented the long service award for faculty members, work merit award and exemplary employee award, excellent research achievement teacher award, excellent department award, and excellent teaching assistant award. In addition, the American Scholarship Association awarded scholarships to 10 current students. The 40-year service award was awarded to Park Hyun-seon, head of the Graduate School Education Team, along with President Lee Kwang-seop, Sung-eun Jeong (Life Systems), Seong-woo Park (information and communication), Deok-hoon Lee (management), Myeong-sook Yang (child welfare), Jae-hong Cho (Faculty of Liberal Arts), and Seong-cheol Kim (Startup Planning Team) , Kim Won-bae (International Exchange Team), Han Sang-min (Lifelong Education Center Office Team), and Choi Moon-ha (Student Welfare Team) were awarded the 30-year service award.

In addition, Jeong Gi-cheol (Korean language creation), Ban Shin-hwan (Christianity), Kang Moon-soon (English education), Kim Dong-seok (education), Kang Bong-su (machine), Yu Chun-seong (mathematics), Chung Chung-young (management), Heo Chan-yeong (management), Choi Jang-woo (trading), Pir Professors Ni (economics), Yoon Young-cheol (law and law), Shin Hyun-joong (administration), Kim Min-jeong (child welfare), Choi Seung-oh (sports), and Ko Sang-beom (asset management team), and Hwang Seon-nam (General Affairs and Human Resources Team) were each awarded the 20-year service award. Seventeen including Professor Kwon Seong-Jun (Civil Environment) and five employees including Lee Chan-Goo, head of the Student Welfare Team received the 10-year service award.

The Achievement Award was awarded to Seong-Hoon Kim, Research Support Team Leader, Joo-Seop Lee, Head of Campus Innovation Park Leading Project Team, Ye-Eun Kim (Academic Team), Na-Ye Kim (Startup Planning Team), Hyo-Jin Jang (Public Relations Team), and Wenti Ngoc-Aing (Korean Language Education Center) staff. Employee Young-Dae Kim received the Exemplary Employee Award.

In addition, the System Operation Team of the Ministry of Planning and Coordination received the Outstanding Department Award, and Hee-hyeon Jeong (Graduate School of Education), Jong-Wook Chae (Graduate School of Social, Cultural Administration and Welfare), Seung-Joo Lee (Department of Social Welfare), and Hee-Seon Yoon (Department of Christianity) Assistants received the Outstanding Assistant Award.

Vision Declaration Ceremony.jpg
President Lee Kwang-seop gives a greeting to mark the 66th anniversary of the opening of the school.

Park Young-jin, president of the Alumni Association, gives congratulatory remarks in commemoration of the 66th anniversary of the opening of the school.

Park Hyun-sun, head of the Graduate School Education Team, was awarded the 40-year service award.

Professor Yang Myeong-sook (middle right) and team leader Kim Won-bae (middle left) were presented with the 30-year service award as representatives.

Team Leader Koh Sang-beom (middle left) and Professor Choi Jang-woo were awarded the 20 Years Service Award as representatives.

Manager Chan-gu Lee (left of the photo) and Professor Seong-jun Kwon were presented with the 10-year service award as representatives.

1 (17).jpg
Work Achievement Award (From left, Chairman Shin Jeong-ho, Kim Seong-hoon, Wen Ti Ngoc Aing, Joo-seop, Jang Hyo-jin, Kim Na-ye, Kim Ye-eun, and Lee Kwang-seop)

Facilities Management Team Kim Young-dae and Lee Jong-young received the Exemplary Employee Award.

1 (15).jpg
The system operation team of the Planning and Coordination Office received a commendation for the excellent department.

1 (16).jpg
Awarded Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

1 (14).jpg
Micheon Scholarship Awarded

Prof. Seong-ha Seong (right), chairman of the mid- to long-term development plan research committee, received a commendation for work merit.

In particular, in the 3rd part vision declaration ceremony, the university members declared the new mid- to long-term development plan and vision of the university together. Hannam University has a vision of strengthening its role as a major player in regional innovation as an ‘H-BRIDGE’ that connects students and society, region and industry, and the present and future with the goal of becoming ‘the No. 1 university in educational satisfaction that leads regional innovation’. declared
The new mid- to long-term development plan, ‘H-BRIDGE Hannam’ (2022~2026), is based on three major strategies: key strategy, innovation strategy, and basic strategy. It contains a plan to develop into a sustainable university by promoting 40 detailed implementation tasks in four strategic areas.

The university announced its strategy to focus on nurturing talents required by society in the era of the 4th industrial revolution, such as ‘Biomedical’ (Medi), ‘Smart Convergence Technology’ (Smart), and ‘Social Public Value Service/Business’ (ServBiz).

In addition, the representatives of the university members such as professors, staff, and students read together the vision statement, ‘If we declare the identity of education based on the Christian doctrine, nurture creative talents centered on character, and strengthen education and research capabilities, we will enhance the competitiveness of future universities’.

President Lee Kwang-seop said, “Through the active promotion of ‘H-BRIDGE Hannam,’ a university recognized for its progressive achievements in student-centered education and academic research, a university respected as a local opinion leader, and a university loved by practicing the founding spirit. We will try to be reborn.”
1 (3).jpg
President Lee Kwang-seop is announcing the new mid- to long-term development plan and vision.

1 (5).jpg
Representatives of university members, including professors, staff, teaching assistants, and students, read the vision statement.

1 (7).jpg
The representatives of the members held a celebration cake cutting ceremony with one heart and one mind.

1 (8).jpg
As the 4th event, ‘Planting to commemorate the 66th anniversary of the opening of the school’ was held at the lawn square in front of the College of Education.


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