Loosely modeled after the existing ACUCA Student Mobility Scheme (SMS) program, the ACUCA FMS is intended to promote and facilitate the exchange/placement of faculty among ACUCA member institutions. It aims to foster a better understanding of Asian communities and cultures among ACUCA faculty, and to increase academic and professional interactions among ACUCA institutions for the benefit of both the faculty and students.

Participating Institution

Member institutions would organize visits of faculty from their home schools to other schools (or vice versa) for periods from at least one week up to one month during which time the visiting faculty member would have opportunities to share their academic expertise through lectures and/or workshops and/or research cooperation. They would also be assisted to interact with administrators, faculty, and students from the host institution to enhance their understanding of Christian identity and mission as well as academic strengths.

Application Process

There are three steps in nominating the qualified faculty or staff to the program:

  • Eligibility
  • Nomination to FMS participating institution
  • Application for subsidies

Relevance of the discipline to which the nomination is made should be taken into consideration by the sending institution to ensure that it could possibly address the gaps or enhance institutional development. The qualification of faculty nominated shall have the potential in contributing and strengthening the academic programs of the sending or host institution through teaching, research and other field. The sending institution shall be responsible in making the arrangements to the would-be host institution relative to accommodation and other details upon arrival of the faculty grantee. Letter of Acceptance from the host institution is necessary. This shall serve as an agreement between the two participating institutions. The same shall be attached to the application form and subsidy request, which will be submitted to the Secretariat.

You may check out the full FMS Guidelines here.
Download the FMS Nomination Form here.
Download the FMS Subsidy Request Form here.
Download the FMS Report Form here.