IR Thermographers Installed at Tunghai University to Fight COVID-19

To alleviate the long queue of students for temperature-taking during peak hours, Tunghai University of Taiwan installed three infrared (IR) thermographers on March 12, 2020 at three major entrances of the university. This was made through the generous donation from Tunghai Women’s Association in Taiwan.

The IR thermographers are developed by the National Chung-Shan Institute of Science & Technology (NCSIST). Multiple technical teams from NCSIST led by the Materials and Electro-Optical Division Director Dr. Yi-Cheng Cheng and Dr. Guo-Ren Chang, are stationed on campus to facilitate the launch of the epidemic prevention. The NCSIST utilizes its in-house technology of room temperature IR imaging to develop these lightweight thermal imagers. The high-resolution room temperature IR thermal imaging module, in combination with NCSIST’s patented algorithm in IR measurement, ensures measurement accuracy within 1 degree Celsius. The performance is much better than those of like products of major international manufacturers.

Tunghai University of Taiwan has been taking all necessary measures to follow the advisories of the National Health Command Center since the outbreak of the COVID-19. The administration is grateful to university faculty and student community for abiding on the university campus COVID19 control measures and for taking all necessary adjustments during such challenging times.