Petra Christian University Hosts the 2022 National Congress of the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Indonesia

Petra Christian University hosts the 2022 National Congress of the Association of Christian Universities and Colleges (ACUCA) in Indonesia, or Badan Kerjasama Pendidikan Tinggi Kristen di Indonesia (BK-PTKI) in Indonesian language, from 22 to 23 July 2022. BK-PTKI is a forum for Christian higher education institutions in Indonesia as a means to develop the society through faith profession and social service based on the Pancasila and the 1945‘s Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia (Undang-Undang Dasar 1945).

The very first BK-PTKI congress was held in 1969 and then it was constantly held once every 4 years to select the new committee lineup. This year’s congress is the moment of inauguration for the 2022-2026 committee lineup of which the helm is entrusted to Prof. Dr. Djwantoro Hardjito, Rector of Petra Christian University. This year’s congress takes the theme of “Embracing Changes to be Fruitful”. Mr. Arja Sadjiarto, the captain of this year’s congress committee, shares that the theme is chosen based on the realization that Christian higher education institution in Indonesia faces even harder and harder challenges day by day. “The Christian higher education institutions function as the light and the salt of the world. We change not just for ourselves, but also the betterment of education in Indonesia, especially in Christian higher education level”, Sadjiarto said.

For 2 days, 35 Christian higher education institutions from many provinces in Indonesia gather on Petra Christian University campus to share their best practices, collaborate on Merdeka Belajar Kampus Merdeka (MBKM) program, and renew the MoU. All Founders, Rectors, and Vice Rectors present discussions about practical Christian values in everyday campus life and share how to excel in education development especially in remote areas in Indonesia by brainstorming possible collaborative programs. Besides the universities’ higher-ups, this year’s congress includes the Chaplaincy Forum where the topic of advancing the roles of Christian higher education institutions is tabled by many pastors and directors of campus’ church offices to bring some light on how we can better shape and mold the students’ Christian values through education.