ACUCA’s Micro Degree Program Marks Historic Winter 2024 Term: Celebrating Diversity and Expansion in Asian Higher Education

Last February 16, one hundred and forty learners successfully completed the 2024 Winter Term of the ACUCA Micro Degree Program. These learners come from at least 18 universities in 8 different countries in Asia, all of which are member institutions of ACUCA.

When the MDP first launched, it offered only two language courses namely Korean Language and Mandarin Chinese Language. Today, the MDP has grown into a program offering six (6) courses across multiple disciplines. This term’s batch of completers is historic as it counts among them the first-ever class to complete the Contemporary Business Communication course taught by an esteemed professor at CHRIST (Deemed to be University) in India with sixteen (16) successful completers.

This term also saw fifty-eight (58) completers of the Korean Language course taught by Hannam University in Korea and another twenty-five (25) completing the Mandarin Chinese Language course taught by Chung Yuan Christian University in Taiwan, both conducting classes from January 17 to February 6. Meanwhile, ACUCA has seen increased interest in the Basic Python Programming course with thirty-three (33) completers this term, handled by Silliman University in the Philippines. The University of Pelita Harapan in Indonesia also continues to handle the Strategic Family Business Management Course, this time with eight (8) successful completers. All three Regular Courses conducted classes from January 29 to February 16.

The ACUCA Micro Degree Program continues to be offered for free and fully online through the efforts of the professors from its participating universities.

ACUCA’s new leadership under Doshisha University seeks to continue bringing high-quality yet accessible education to a diverse demographic of learners all over Asia and it looks forward to its growth and its lasting impact in the lives of its learners.

Here are some of the comments of the students who completed the programs:

Korean Language 1
The course offered by ACUCA in the Winter term provided a comprehensive learning experience with knowledgeable instructors and engaging content. The instructor demonstrated a strong command of the subject matter and was effective in delivering lectures.

Mandarin Chinese Language 1
I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our exceptional instructor for their unwavering dedication and expertise throughout the ACUCA Mandarin course. Their guidance and encouragement have been instrumental in shaping my understanding and appreciation of the language and culture. Additionally, I want to express my sincere appreciation to my classmates for their continuous support and camaraderie during our Mandarin lessons. Together, we have created a nurturing environment where learning thrives, and friendships flourish. The ACUCA Mandarin course has been an invaluable journey of growth and discovery, thanks to the outstanding instructor and the unwavering support of my classmates.

Basic Python Programing
The basic Python program was a fantastic introduction to programming, providing clear explanations and practical exercises to grasp fundamental concepts effectively. Both Madam Chuchi and Madam Beverly were exceptional instructors, displaying a commendable blend of politeness, interactivity, and approachability. Their extensive knowledge and willingness to help made the learning experience enjoyable and rewarding. The classmates were also engaged and supportive, fostering a collaborative atmosphere conducive to learning. Overall, the program exceeded my expectations, and I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to learn Python programming.

Honestly I was scared about online class then later instructors are so kind so I can be relax and they created learning environment so I was able to understand the programs. All the whole ” SHORT BUT VERY BEAUTIFUL JOURNEY” with handle full of experience.

Contemporary Business Communication
The program itself is a good stepping stone for our future careers. The topics are really applicable in real life situations. The instructor is really knowledgeable in the subject matter.

The instructor’s delivery style was engaging, making complex concepts easy to understand. Overall, the course not only deepened my understanding of contemporary business communication but also equipped me with practical skills that I can apply in professional settings.

Strategic Family Business Management
At first I was kinda nervous about my accent as it was totally different from others and by understanding that, Mr. Jacob was so genuine and guided us interestingly and through the process I even forgot that I was having the fear, he was literally the perfect professor I have ever met in my entire lifetime. May God bless him.