The Association of Christian Universities and Colleges in Asia (ACUCA) is a community of Christian institutions of higher learning in Asia which work closely together to benefit each other as well as the societies in which they exist.

The ACUCA Secretariat is designed to be instrumental for creating the environmental prerequisites for active interaction and participation among the member-institutions to take place.

Through cooperation, mutual support, and encouragement, the Association endeavors to help the Christian universities and colleges in Asia to:

  • Develop and maintain their Christian character
  • Enrich the quality of their educational programs and those of the other institutions of learning
  • Re-examine the relevance of their objectives and programs in relation to the needs of a changing society

Currently, ACUCA has 59 member institutions from 8 countries/regions of Asia, namely Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan and Thailand.

The ongoing activites that ACUCA supports include:


July 2017

The latest issue of ACUCA Newsletter is now on our website!

Dear ACUCA members,

The latest issue of ACUCA Newsletter (Volume XVII No. 1), January - June 2017, is released now and also available on our website! For the next issue, please send articles together with print quality photos by e-mail to the ACUCA Secretariat secretariat@acuca.net

Please visit the following URL to download the newsletter http://www.acuca.net/newsletters/

ACUCA Secretariat

July 2017

2017 ACUCA Management Conference

The ACUCA Management Conference will take place on the campus of Payap University, Chiang Mai, Thailand, during the period 19-21 October, 2017.

Details about the conference and how to register are available at http://www.acuca.net/management-conference/

The ACUCA Management Conference is a biennial event that brings together representatives of ACUCA member institutions for a more comprehensive discussion of a single theme. For the ACUCA Management Conference 2017, the theme is "Exploring the Relationship of Religion, Culture, and Peace in Christian Higher Education."

April 2017

Executive Committee Meeting 2017

The ACUCA Executive Committee held its first meeting of 2017 at Payap University in Chiang Mai, Thailand on Friday, April 28. Assistant Professor Dr. Somporn Wongdee, President of Payap University, as President of ACUCA, welcomed the ACUCA Executive Committee attending the meeting.

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