Eligibility. Membership in the Association is open to any Christian university or college in Asia duly recognized by the government of its home country and satisfies the criteria set by the General Assembly. Specifically, the applicant must exhibit:

  1. Christian character and purpose;
  2. Commitment to the production and dissemination of new knowledge through research, instruction, and extension; and
  3. Support the promotion of a culture of innovation and creativity.

Manner of Admission. A Christian university or college may be admitted as follows:

  1. The applicant will submit a Letter to the Secretary-General manifesting firm interest to join the Association with the accomplished Application Form and the recommendation of at least one member from its home country, if applicable.
  2. The Secretary-General will refer the application to the Member of the Executive Committee representing the applicant’s home country who will proceed to evaluate the same and assist the applicant in securing a letter of recommendation from a member of another country. If there is no Member of the Executive Committee from the applicant’s country, the Secretary-General shall facilitate the application process.
  3. When the recommendation from a member of another Asian country is received, the Member of the Executive Committee handling the application shall endorse the same to the Executive Committee for consideration and approval.
  4. The approval by the Executive Committee on the application shall be submitted to the General Assembly for ratification. After the ratification, the admitted member shall pay the membership due for the current year and receive a Certificate of Membership signed by the President and the Secretary-General.